Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Matt and I have been working hard out at the new house and we're making a lot of progress, but I like to post my projects once they are totally finished and everything seems to be in an in-between state right now (hence the scarcity of posts lately). But rest assured, exciting things are coming soon - the yard is almost chicken-worthy, and by mid- to late-July, our bathroom and one bedroom should be done, and I'll post photos then, I promise.

In the meantime, here's a peek at a design board I've been working on for our bedroom.

The beige and orangey colors in the background are the wall colors and the burgundy-red at the bottom is the floor. We want to use a very colorful bedspread that we got in Guatemala in April, but it doesn't totally go with the wall and floor colors perfectly well, so I was playing around with a quilt and some pillows to try to tie it all together. It's colorful, I know, and that's something that's kind of been hard for me to roll with in the past, but after this recent amazing trip we took to Guatemala, I decided that one of my goals with our new house was going to be to embrace color the way the Guatemalan people do. Everything there was so beautiful! And I want to be reminded of the amazing places and people there when I look around my new home.


  1. Hey Tamara..oh my gosh you moved away from your sweet house! I am guessing there must be a reason, but I loved your old house too! Oh my gosh did you sell it already?

    Thank you for your kind post on my blog. Life has been busy here too as you may know..but thank you again for keeping in touch!

    I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. Your jewelry of course is truly amazing as always!


  2. Hi Helen,
    We haven't moved yet but are planning to soon. We're moving so Carlos will be closer to the school we want him to attend starting this fall. We haven't sold our old house yet - it's on the market but we may end up keeping it as a rental, who knows.

  3. Good for you for experimenting with color, and with such good inspiration... Guatemala! You're so right, the colors we surround ourselves with definitely have an influence. All the best to you in this exciting time in your life. :)