Sunday, May 9, 2010


Here's a look at the current floor plan. The bedrooms are so tiny! Yikes.
And here's our work-in-progress remodel plan -

(click on the image for a slightly larger view)

As you can probably tell, we're planning to re-work the entryway to make it more obvious and appealing from the front of the house (plus the entry/sunroom will make traveling back and forth between house and garage much more pleasant). The kitchen will gain a bit of space and a raised bar, and the hallway (which is quite wide) will have some built-in cabinetry that matches the kitchen cabinets. Windows will be added in several places. One bedroom will get a cozy window seat and the other will have a wall bumped out, and we'll add a large master bed and bathroom. Everything will be tied together and more closely linked to the huge backyard by more windows, sliding doors, and patios (both covered and not).

Besides the work on the house itself, there's much to be done around the yard - fencing upgrades, landscaping in the front (which is currently very lacking in curb appeal), a vegetable garden in the back, and a barn for the chickens, not to mention an addition to the garage to serve as a studio for me and a separate shop for Matt.

Much work ahead! Can't wait to get started...


  1. Love the new plans! I like how you are going to add a deck. Can't wait to see it all happen!

  2. I love drawing plans. It looks like you have a nice one. Your entry will be a lot nicer and you will feel spoiled with that Master Suite.